30 hp special Nireas 490

length 4,90 width 1,95

If you hired a boat maybe once or twice before then this is the boat for you. Adequate space for you and your family compined with ease of handlings. A brisk cruising speed can be obtained from the modern 4 stroke engine. This boat still has the desirable bow lounsing aroa normaly associated with larser boats.

This boat features:

Electric start engine with power tilt and trim, adult and childreans life jackets, first aid kit, cool box, boarding ladder,CD player canopy, cushions, stain less grab rails, and fresh watter shower.



On board documents include:

3rd party insurance certificate

Boat registation certificate

Boat usage instructions

A map of Paxos and Anti-Paxos

Fire compliance certificate

Port safety regulations certificate

30 hp special  Nireas 490 30 hp special  Nireas 490 30 hp special  Nireas 490